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Cooling Roll On

Cooling Roll On



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Cooling Relief
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Extra Cooling Roll-On, a potent blend formulated to potentially alleviate discomfort with the power of menthol, camphor, and tea tree oil.

Powerful Relief: This roll-on features an intense formula designed to potentially target and soothe areas of discomfort, providing potential relief from muscle soreness, joint stiffness, or minor aches.

CBD Benefits: This roll-on aims to potentially reduce pain perception and inflammation in the affected areas.

Cooling Sensation: With menthol and camphor, this roll-on delivers an immediate cooling effect upon application, offering a potential numbing sensation that may help alleviate discomfort.

Natural Soothing: Tea tree oil, celebrated for its potential antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, adds a natural touch, potentially aiding in calming irritated skin and promoting comfort.

Convenient Application: The roll-on applicator allows for targeted and mess-free application, enabling easy use for precise areas requiring relief.

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