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Give the gift of Nature

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Non-toxic salves, bath salts, and roll ons

Being a Mother myself, I know that one thing that is constantly on my mind. Are the items I'm bringing in our house non-toxic? From lotions, food, and our cleaning products; it's hard to keep up with it all. That is why we started this business. We wanted to provide a no brainer company that is safe from newborns to the elderly.

We started with Hemp Derived CBD items for Pain Relief, Dry Skin, and Stress/Sleep related struggles. And now we provide the same items but with no CBD.

Made From Dirt provides products that contains no parabens, no artificial fragrances, made with environmentally friendly ingredients.

  • For the Athletic Mom: Give the gift of pain relief. Made with Peppermint and Pine essential oils this can offer a wonderful blend of muscle relief. Peppermint Pain Salve available in 100mg CBD ($24), 250mg CBD ($34), 500mg CBD ($45), and Full Spectrum ($30).

  • For the Stressed Mom: A gift of sleep and stress relief? Sign me up! With a special blend of Lavender, Chamomile, and Cedarwood essential oils, this blend can help give you the rest you need. Sleep Balm available 100mg CBD ($24), 250mg CBD ($34), 500mg CBD ($45), and Full Spectrum ($30).

  • For the Bath Loving Mom: Stress Relief & Pain Relief Bath Salts 25mg each. Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Almond Oil, and a blend of essential oils to help relax you and keep your skin silky smooth. ($10 each)

  • For the Busy Mom: A mess free application of pain and stress relief. Stress Relief and Pain Relief Roll On 100mg Each. These small but mighty roll ons are easy to apply and small enough to fit in any purse. ($20 each)

  • For the Holistic Mom: Infused MCT Oil. MCT Oil is known to better brain and memory function and offer energy boost with increased endurance. No other additives or flavors, it's easy to add to your morning shake or coffee. Available in 1oz 300mg ($25) and 1000mg ($45) or 4oz 500mg ($40).

Sun + Moon came out in 2020 to bring you the same relief as Made From Dirt but without CBD. We understand that CBD isn't necessary to be used all the time.

  • For the Outdoor Mom: The Moisturize Salve can help keep hands smooth and since it only has 3 ingredients its safe enough for the face. Great to use on sun-kissed skin. ($15)

  • For the Skincare Mom: Made with natures best secret, Tamanu Oil. This Salve can help fight eczema, psorasis, and scars. ($15)

  • For the Spiritual Mom: Soul Healing Salve that has an uplifting citrus scent, great to start your day. Reiki infused by Wild Violet Oracle with a charged crystal on the bottom of each jar. ($22)

  • For the New Mom: Postpartum/Birthing Salve, made with special oils and magnesium to balance your mind, body, and soul after a life changing event. Reiki'd by Wild Violet Oracle. ($22)

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