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4 Healthy Habits to Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep. Something we all need but rarely get. It is said that humans may spend about a third of their life sleeping, but day to day it can feel like we never have enough. Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you grouchy. Sleep is linked to heart health, the immune system, memory, and even weight management. If anything does the body good, it’s sleep.

The road to good sleep doesn’t start when your head hits the pillow. The sleep-wake cycle is one of the systems in your body that is a circadian rhythm. It is a 24-hour internal clock that takes cues from your daily routine and your environment. Everything you do from the oat milk latte you have in the morning to the doom scrolling you do at night are all signals your body watches out for so it knows it's time for bed. Here are 4 healthy habits to promote a good night’s sleep:

Start the day with CBD

I mean, coffee is great and all, but have you tried CBD in the morning? A breakfast fruit smoothie with a few drops of CBD tincture can help you start your day focused and energized. The more you get done at the beginning of your day, the more time you’ll have to get yourself prepared for rest at night. For parents in Orange County, CBD is essential for family fun days as we head into summer vacation.

Reduce TV and phone use

Easier said than done, but the days of falling asleep to episodes of Friends have to come to an end. When it’s time to sleep, the devices have to go off too. Watch that last episode, finish learning that TikTok dance, then put it away. Just because you’re falling asleep to Phoebe singing “smelly cat” doesn’t mean that you should keep it on for white noise to fall asleep. They have machines for that now that are much more pleasant and effective.

Take a calming bath

After a long day, it’s good to decompress. Having a relaxing nightly routine can really help rest both the body and mind. We’ll let you in on a little secret we have here in San Clemente for sleep and skin care—CBD. Draw a bath before bed with a CBD bath salt and follow it up with a CBD Sleep Balm. You can water two plants with one hose by adding CBD to your nightly ritual—great sleep and glowing skin.

Create your own sanctuary for rest

When people talk about the bedroom, let’s be honest, many of us don’t immediately think about sleep. But to get good sleep, you need to establish your room as a place of rest. Your bed shouldn’t be the place you review the events of the day or count your worries. Just because it’s a laptop doesn’t mean it has to be on your lap, and especially not in your bed. Create a space to make sleep come easy. Turn the lights down, close those curtains, keep that TV off (yes, we said it twice), reduce any noise, and focus on resting.

Beauty sleep is within your reach. The more sleep you get, the less stressed you’ll feel throughout the day. It only takes a few small improvements to see positive changes in your overall sleep. Building healthy habits goes a long way and getting the right tools, like CBD, can help maintain those habits. Stop by the Made from Dirt wellness store in San Clemente today to get the CBD sleep products you need to get your routine on track.

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